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On BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom & Avalanche

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EverBridge integrates blockchains to let individuals and projects move freely between networks at block speed. Expand your project across Ethereum, the Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche and Fantom networks.

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Get there faster. Transfer tokens at block speed.

Transfer your tokens across Ethereum, the Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom networks.

EverBridge leads the way with our innovative lock and unlock mechanism.

Connect your token to all blockchains with one shared supply

EverBridge makes it possible to bridge a token to many blockchains with the possibility of sharing a consistent circulating supply across all chains and for the tokens to be traded on multiple networks with one supply. Here's how it works:

  • New smart contracts are created on each network to mint a matching supply on each blockchain.

  • The new supplies are locked within the bridge vault.

  • When tokens are bridged, the tokens are locked within the bridge vault on that side of the bridge (blockchain of origin), and a corresponding amount of tokens are unlocked from the bridge vault on the other side of the bridge (blockchain of destination).

EverRise (RISE) is the first token ever to be launched on three interconnected blockchains simultaneously (Ethereum, BSC and Polygon) with balanced liquidity pools and one circulating supply. After the launch, other tokens will be able to follow EverRise's path and launch on multiple blockchains at the same time.

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Endless Possibilities with EverBridge

EverBridge takes the guesswork out of going cross-chain for both project developers and investors.

  • Bridge your token to other chains

    Bridge Crypto with EverRise

    Bridge your token to other blockchains with EverBridge.

    Bridge your project
  • Trade native tokens cross-chain

    Bridge Crypto with EverRise

    DeFi trading of cryptocurrencies. Trade ETH/BNB, ETH/MATIC and BNB/MATIC.

    Learn more
  • Transfer tokens cross-chain

    Bridge Crypto with EverRise

    Transfer your tokens from one blockchain to another.

    Transfer now

Fast, Secure, Scalable.

Your journey to other chains starts here. Travel at the block speed with EverBridge.

  • EverBridge is Extremely Fast

    Extremely Fast

    Transfer tokens between blockchains at block speed with transfer speeds averaging 15 seconds when the blockchains are operating optimally (not congested).

  • EverBridge is Highly Secure

    Highly Secure

    Instead of minting and burning, EverBridge utilizes a vault on the blockchain (EverVault) with a lock and unlock mechanism.

  • EverBridge Arbitrage Creator

    Arbitrage Creator

    Tokens that use EverBridge to go cross-chains have the advantage of generating extra volume due to arbitrage opportunities.

  • EverBridge is Scalable


    EverBridge is designed to be able to scale to all major blockchains, adding more options to those projects wanting to go cross-chain.

Security First: Preventing Hacks

EverBridge uses a new approach to bridge between blockchains swiftly and securely. Usually, bridges mint and burn tokens in order to move cryptocurrency to a new network. This leaves open a potential exploit if someone were able to access the mint function, compromising the project by minting an infinite supply of tokens to sell on the market.

Instead, EverBridge locks and unlocks tokens on either side of the bridge within EverVault to allow one supply to be traded on multiple blockchains.

Security First: Preventing Hacks

Transfer Speed Records

The locking and unlocking method has allowed EverBridge to achieve speed records matching the block speed: 10 seconds is the time needed for a transaction to be recorded on the blockchain. EverBridge is able to deliver these fast transfer speeds when the blockchains are operating optimally (not congested).

EverBridge is currently the fastest commercially available bridge to transfer tokens across multiple blockchains.

Speed is a key factor when talking about transfers of cryptocurrencies, especially with cross-chain transfers; what other bridges do in hours and days, EverBridge does it in less than a minute.

Transfer Speed Records

Powering EverSwap’s Native Coin Swap

EverBridge technology powers EverSwap’s Native Coin Swap, allowing users to swap native coins from one blockchain to another, utilizing RISE in the backend as the carrier for the transfer.

This technology allows users to directly swap native cryptocurrencies at block speed; starting with ETH (Ethereum), BNB (BSC), MATIC (Polygon), AVAX (Avalanche), and FTM (Fantom), and receive them on their native blockchain.

EverBridge takes a native coin on one blockchain, converts it into RISE, then bridges the RISE tokens to the receiving blockchain, sells the bridged RISE tokens for the new native coin and deposits it directly back into the user’s DeFi wallet. The volume generated from these transactions also contributes to the EverRise buyback and stake protocol.

DeFi Trading of Native Coins

EverBridge for Projects

EverBridge opens the door to new possibilities for projects willing to reach the next level expanding cross-chain.

Initially created to allow the RISE token and the EverRise suite of dApps to be utilized on chains other than the Binance Smart Chain, EverRise is making the technology available to other projects looking to expand beyond their native blockchain.

If you are a project developer and are interested in using EverBridge to bridge your token to other blockchains, contact us at ecosystem@everrise.com

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EverBridge integrates blockchains to let investors and projects move freely between networks within seconds. Available on the Ethereum, the Binance Smart Chain networks and Polygon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transfers of the RISE token on EverBridge are not subject to the transaction fee. You only pay gas fees which are calculated by the blockchains depending on congestion.

You can currently transfer the RISE token across Ethereum, the Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom networks, and swap native coins (ETH, BNB, MATIC, AVAX, FTM) with EverSwap.

If you are interested in transferring other tokens using EverBridge, talk to the developer of the project! We can work with them to get their project up and running to take advantage of access to multiple blockchains.

EverBridge utilizes a system of locking and unlocking tokens within EverVault to quickly and securely transfer tokens between blockchains. Tokens do not need to be minted and burnt, which allows you to have faster access to your crypto tokens so you can do what you want with them, when you want to do it.

The default settings of EverBridge will set the default receiving address to the same as the sending wallet address. You can use the advanced options to set the recipient address to a different address of your choosing. Be sure to double-check the wallet address!