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Securely swap your tokens without ever having to remove them from the safety of EverWallet.

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About EverSwap

To make the use of EverWallet safe, secure, and easy to use we are bringing EverSwap to EverWallet to trade (buy, sell, and transfer) any tokens available on decentralized exchanges that EverRise is on.

EverSwap acts as an intermediary between EverWallet and decentralized exchanges, so your tokens never have to leave the safety of EverWallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon launch, EverSwap will work with PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), QuickSwap on Polygon (MATIC) and UniSwap with Ethereum (ETH). We are planning to expand to even more decentralized exchanges as we launch on more blockchains - stay tuned!

You will be able to Swap any token that is listed at PancakeSwap (BSC), QuickSwap (Polygon) and UniSwap (Ethereum).

Some tokens have been created with bad intentions, authorizing the token for swap can give the contract access to the rest of your wallet. EverSwap will be integrated with EverWallet so that confirming a swap will never give a contract full access to the rest of your holdings. If you are worried about tokens you have interacted with in the past, you can check your Token Approvals on BSCScan: https://bscscan.com/tokenapprovalchecker

EverSwap will work with any (hardware) that is compatible with WalletConnect (such as: the SafePal S1) or the MetaMask browser plugin (such as: Ledger Nano).

EverSwap is under development. It will be released next year 2022 but no specific date has been decided yet. The team is working at high speed to get all of our dApps released as soon as possible. Stay tuned!