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Initial liquidity locker that leverages community voting to unlock liquidity. An MVP of EverLock is built into EverOwn.

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About EverLock

EverLock is an initial liquidity locker that leverages the power of community voting to maintain project flexibility and provides greater protection to the community than a simple time based locker.

Project developers will have the flexibility to set an initial time lock. Once that time is up, and when a project needs to access the initial liquidity, e.g. when projects moved from PancakeSwap v1 to v2, or to list on a new centralized exchange, the community can vote to unlock it.

An MVP of EverLock is currently available with EverOwn.

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of the liquidity lock will be determined by the community. The community will be able to perform a weighted vote to decide whether they will unlock the liquidity or leave it locked at any point of time.

EverLock only locks the initial liquidity. Locking the newly generated liquidity can only be done through EverOwn. Locking the newly generated liquidity significantly enhances trust and security in crypto communities, so we recommend using EverOwn along with EverLock.

To protect holders as long as giving flexibility to developers to be able to unlock liquidity to go to exchanges or upgrade the contract, liquidity can be unlocked with a weighted vote from holders. The developers will start the voting process at EverLock and the holders will be able to vote to unlock the liquidity.

Yes, this and this will decentralize the control of the liquidity locker to your community.