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EverOwn provides a security and decentralization solution for projects by locking the smart contract and newly generated liquidity on the blockchain in a locker accessed with a weighted community vote.

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Decentralize your project now

Build trust with your community while maintaining the ability to access and upgrade your contract.

Join the new standard of security in DeFi.

Smart contract decentralization and security without sacrificing adaptability.

EverOwn offers a win-win scenario to projects and their communities by giving developers the flexibility to access the contract when needed and giving communities governance, making the project decentralized.

This decentralization method provides:

  • Security from liquidity drains/hacks/exploits.

  • Flexibility for developers to continue to improve their project.

  • Governance for holders to actively participate in the project and know that the smart contract will not change without notice.

When a project submits its smart contract into the EverOwn locker, the ownership of that contract becomes locked to EverOwn. Ownership can be reaccessed through a weighted vote from the project's holders. This allows developers to build trust with holders while having the flexibility to access the contract for further development if needed.

By contrast, when projects renounce ownership of the contract to provide security, they sacrifice that project's longevity as the contract, if renounced, cannot be reassessed at any point in the future.

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Pioneering Smart Contract Security

EverOwn takes the guesswork out of securing smart contracts and provides peace of mind for both project developers and holders.

For Projects

Decentralize your project and secure your smart contract

EverOwn For Desktop

Lock your smart contract at EverOwn and earn the holders' trust.

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For Holders

Participate in your invested token's governance

EverOwn for Mobile

Vote to unlock the smart contract or so that the developers can upgrade it.

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Decentralization. Security. Trust.

EverOwn combines the protection of a smart contract with a liquidity locker creating a perfect decentralized locker for any project.

  • EverOwn Security And Trust

    Security & Trust

    Provide reassurance to holders that your contract cannot be altered without their consent and the newly generated liquidity cannot be drained.

  • EverOwn Flexible Defi Projects


    Have specific functions you need to access for your project? Utilize a wrapper contract to give custom parameters to the contract you secure with EverOwn.

  • Decentralized and fully connected


    Reobtain your contract by initiating a vote with the token holders giving them governance to participate in the project in a meaningful way.

  • Backups are everything


    Set an alternative wallet address as a second owner of the project to ensure your project's longevity.

  • Decentralization, Trust & Governance

    EverOwn has a DAO type of governance voting system that allows for 100% transparency and user involvement. Privileged roles are only granted when a successful vote is conducted on a developer proposed modification.

    The voting period in EverOwn has a minimum 24 hour time span to allow for awareness that privileged operations are being requested.

  • Accessibility & Functionality

    When projects onboard onto EverOwn, they have the flexibility to use a contract wrapper to adapt the contract if it doesn't implement the correct Ownable interface; or exclude a limited function set (e.g. the ability to add a new staking reward partner, a manual buyback function, etc).

  • The Legacy Provision

    EverOwn's Legacy Provision allows contract owners the ability to designate an alternate owner to take control of the contract after a set amount of time. This provides assurance to holders by bringing additional longevity for projects In the event that the original developer steps away from the project, or as a backup wallet to transfer ownership if the developer's original wallet is compromised.

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EverOwn provides a security and decentralization solution for projects by locking the smart contract and newly generated liquidity on the blockchain in a locker accessed with a weighted community vote.

Frequently Asked Questions

EverOwn acts as a locker holding the smart contract on the blockchain. No one will have access to the smart contract. While a contract is locked on EverOwn, you will be able to initiate a vote to regain control of the smart contract.

The EverOwn voting process will be a minimum of 24 hours to enable as many holders as possible the chance to vote.

The EverOwn dApp page lists all projects currently enrolled in EverOwn. From there you can see the status of the contract whether it is locked or not. Projects not listed on the EverOwn dApp page are not currently registered with EverOwn.

After initiating a vote, holders will be able to vote to return control of the smart contract to the project owner. Votes will be weighted by the amount of holdings in each wallet. After the voting period ends, the side with the most weighted votes wins.

If your smart contract is not compatible with EverOwn, the EverRise development team will work with you to create a wrapper contract that will enable your project to take advantage of the security features EverOwn provides.