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RiserBotz Giveaway!

RiserBotz Giveaway!

We are beyond excited with the reception to RiserBotz so far. It’s been fun to see the various traits on each new bot as they’ve been minted and we can’t wait to see more!

One community member, who felt particularly lucky with the bot they minted, decided to share their good fortune with the community by buying RiserBotz. They asked for our help distributing these RiserBotz to the community.

Starting today, we are running a giveaway with these RiserBotz. Five RiserBotz will be available every day, and each bot minted will have a chance to win one of those five.

This promotion will continue until we run out of RiserBotz to give out.


Collection Name: RiserBotz

Supply: 10,000 NFTs

Mint URL: https://v3app.everrise.com/mintnft/

Price: 0.03 ETH

Max per Transaction: 5 NFTs

Max per Wallet: No Limit

Reveal Date: January 24, 2023 Noon EST

Contract Address:: 0x5d37f5da50051d729fc60e36ee493bbcddd1fb1c

OpenSea Listing: https://opensea.io/collection/riserbotz