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EverRise Announces Dessert Finance as the Official KYC & Doxxing Partner of EverOwn

EverRise Announces Dessert Finance as the Official KYC & Doxxing Partner of EverOwn

In keeping with the mission of providing assurance to the blockchain, EverRise is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Dessert Finance{:target="_blank"} to be the official KYC partner of EverOwn. Moving forward projects onboarding with EverOwn will be required to be doxxed publicly or with Dessert Finance through DessertDoxxed.

Dessert Finance

Dessert Finance provides smart contract audits signed on the blockchain for Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, and Fantom networks. DessertDoxxed is a service offered to projects not ready for a full audit as a way to build trust in their community by privately doxxing to a third party. Dessert Finance independently verifies the identity of the project owner and keeps the information on file in case of a scam. This creates accountability that the project is being developed in good faith without a full public doxxing before the team is ready.

“We are ecstatic to be joining forces with the EverRise team. We believe that a combination of our Audit, DessertDoxxed and EverOwn can revolutionize DeFi into a safer, more secure space.” - The Dessert Finance Team

EverRise understands that not every project is immediately ready to publicly dox. It is a difficult decision for a project to make because it is not easy to commit to being a public figure so early in the life of a project. However, we believe every project should feel comfortable with doxxing to a trusted third party before enrolling in EverOwn. This will provide additional security for individuals looking for projects they can trust.

At EverRise, we are committed to making the DeFi space safer for all holders. We have built an incredible product (EverOwn) that does its job effectively: securing a smart contract and protecting newly generated LP tokens. EverOwn is the first dApp of its kind, and with anything, there is always room for improvement. As we move forward, we will continue to improve and expand our vetting process of projects that onboard onto EverOwn while putting procedures in place that support our overall mission of making DeFi safer. We look at this partnership with Dessert Finance as a huge step in making EverOwn a new safety standard in the DeFi space and are thrilled to be working together.

With EverRise, we all RISE together.

Thank you, EverRise Leadership Team