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EverRise Announces Nexus Solidity as an Official Audit Partner for EverOwn

EverRise Announces Nexus Solidity as an Official Audit Partner for EverOwn

EverRise is partnering with Nexus Solidity, an audit and smart contract solution provider in the DeFi space, to continue to establish EverOwn as the new standard for DeFi security. Nexus Solidity will be considering EverOwn when they evaluate projects as well as formally recommending it to projects with high centralization risks. They see the value in EverOwn to help decentralize a project while still allowing developers access to their contract when they need it.

Nexus Solidity has a vision similar to ours with regards to the future of DeFi security. We both know that it is important to protect individuals from unnecessary risks. It is important to empower individuals with the information they need to make informed decisions.

With core values of education, transparency, and growth, Nexus Solidity has worked towards making DeFi a safer space by auditing contracts since June. They perform line-by-line code review and they deploy a copy of the contract on testnet to test if functions as desired. In addition, Nexus Solidity reviews social media and telegram activity. EverRise, and EverOwn, will help Nexus Solidity promote transparency in the space by helping individuals see what is going on in the projects they invest in.

Nexus Solidity started because they were tired of seeing rug-pulls and wanted to make a difference to make DeFi a safer space for individuals. We relate to their mission “to educate the community around us through clear and thoughtful analysis” and “to create a hub for everyone to learn and collaborate towards a better crypto world of tomorrow.”

“EverRise continuously develops innovative and essential solutions for DeFi. EverOwn promotes a fair and secure community-governed environment for projects to flourish. Nexus is thrilled at the opportunity to work with EverRise and incorporate their amazing technology into our services. We recommend EverOwn for all suitable projects and can't wait to help teach individuals about the benefits!” - Nexus Solidity Team

This partnership helps promote the EverRise suite of dApps as the new standard in safety. We are excited to work with Nexus Solidity to provide assurance and education to individuals about smart contract security and the importance of locking newly generated LP tokens.