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EverRise Announces Tech Audit as an Official Audit Partner for EverOwn

EverRise Announces Tech Audit as an Official Audit Partner for EverOwn

To further our mission to secure the DeFi space, EverRise is pleased to announce a partnership with Tech Audit, a smart contract auditing firm known for their market reports and technical evaluation of cryptocurrency projects and ability to provide one of the fastest turnaround times for audits in the industry. They share our passion for protecting holders and we are excited to work with them to make DeFi a safer space for all.

We appreciate the care Tech Audit puts into each audit they perform.

Two things, in particular, that stand out:

  • They manually go through code line-by-line to get a deep understanding of the smart contract and its functions

  • The description of their audit methodology in detail in each of their reports

It is clear they put in the effort to get to know the projects they review.

Tech Audit is a team of engineers and analysts specializing in blockchain technology and business analytics and offers smart contract audits to projects on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

Since launching in late May, they have audited over 100 smart contracts. They are able to perform a much more intensive review of the code than you would expect from an audit with such a quick turnaround. We are proud to announce they will now be considering EverOwn when they evaluate projects as well as formally recommending it to projects with high centralization risks.

“We are excited to partner with EverRise. With a plethora of new projects in the DeFi space, it is almost impossible to find safe and secure investment opportunities. We believe that a combination of TechAudit, KYC and EverOwn can help individuals to find such promising projects.” - Tech Audit Team

It has always been our goal to make the DeFi space safer and make our dApps the new standard in safety. We are pleased that Tech Audit recognizes the power contract security and locking newly generated LP tokens has to assure indivicuals about the project they are considering. We look forward to working together.