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Unifying and Securing the Future of DeFi with EverRise

Unifying and Securing the Future of DeFi with EverRise


Many of you have heard our origin story. When EverRise first launched there were two goals in mind: bring the buyback concept into cryptocurrency and give projects an alternative to renouncement. Within the first 2 months of conception, we've completed both of those goals and we started to think big. We wanted to bring EverRise cross-chains to make our suite of dApps accessible on as many blockchains as possible. So we created EverBridge and brought that product to market in less than 1 month.

The vision for EverRise as a company is to become the go-to platform and service provider for DeFi projects and individuals looking to secure their smart contracts and investments no matter what blockchain they are on.


The functionality of EverBridge itself is currently unparalleled. It is the fastest bridge across BSC/ETH we have seen. Transfers went through in minutes, not hours or days. Currently, the fastest way to transfer BNB to ETH is to buy RISE on one chain, use EverBridge, and sell RISE on the other chain. We also learned a lot launching our RISE/ETH pair. The liquidity imbalance issues we saw made us realize, in order to bring EverRise to multiple blockchains in a way that provides longevity for the project and protects all RISE holders, we would need to upgrade our contract and balance the liquidity pools.

We always knew we wanted to upgrade the EverRise contract. The launch of EverBridge has created a perfect time for us to execute this part of our roadmap by adding improvements we've discovered from our experience and data so far.

As a company that wants to innovate in a space that is everchanging, we are thinking even bigger than we were before. In order to build a legitimate company, achieve bigger partnerships, and build a proper cross-chain token, we are accelerating the development of EverRise v2.0 with a target completion of mid-Q4 2021.


An upgraded EverRise contract provides us the opportunity to properly launch across multiple chains while making significant improvements to our tokenomics, buyback protocol, and utility.

Some of the improvements that will be coming with our updated contract:

  • Consolidating the total supply of RISE to 72 billion (72,000,000,000 RISE) [Updated]

  • Reducing the taxes from 11% to 6% across all chains

  • Removal of reflections and burn mechanism

  • Ability to stake RISE

  • Upgraded buyback protocol: Buyback and Staking

  • Automatic buybacks for all RISE pairings

  • Ability to swap native coins for stable coins or other cryptocurrencies for the buyback strategic reserves

Our goal is to create one token with a single supply that can exist on endless chains with balanced liquidity pools. Upgrading the EverRise contract provides us with this opportunity. We will be launching the upgraded contract on a minimum of 3 chains with the same liquidity across all the chains: Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon. If everything goes as planned, we will be adding Avalanche to the list of chains.

EverBridge for DeFi

After seeing the success of EverBridge's transferring mechanism with an average transfer time of 10 seconds, we've decided to expand on EverBridge's functionality. With EverRise v2.0 and the balanced liquidity pools, holders will be able to transfer the native coins on each chain that EverRise v2.0 is on via EverBridge. For example, someone utilizing EverBridge on Binance Smart Chain will be able to transfer BNB (BEP-20) for ETH (ERC-20) using EverBridge with low transaction fees and the fastest transfer speeds that are currently commercially available*. EverRise v2.0 will serve as the utility token for cross-chain transfers.

*based on our bridge speed testing

Leveraging EverOwn for Governance

When we created EverOwn, we knew that it could be utilized as a versatile tool. We're excited to share that we will be leveraging EverOwn for EverRise v2.0: not only to secure our smart contract but also to provide holders a way to participate in the approval of future contract upgrades. We will be putting the majority of the functions of the upgraded contract into EverOwn, allowing the community, through EverOwn, to approve future contract upgrades without EverRise needing to reclaim ownership of the contract.

For v1 RISE Holders

Current RISE holders do not need to sell their tokens in order to get the upgraded tokens as we will be releasing a new dApp concurrently with our v2 launch that will allow RISE holders to swap their old RISE tokens for the updated v2 tokens. Holders that choose to swap to the updated contract will be able to begin staking prior to v2 launch. Holders will be able to utilize EverBridge upon launch to go cross-chain. In addition, we will be expediting the development of EverLaunch to serve as our pre-sale platform for the v2 tokens if it is decided that a pre-sale is necessary.

We are incredibly excited to begin our EverRise v2.0 journey and will be sharing more information and development updates with you all in the coming weeks. Thank you for joining us on our journey to unify and build the future of safety and security in DeFi.

EverRise Leadership Team