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Weekly Wrap Up - Bitcoin Miami

Weekly Wrap Up - Bitcoin Miami

Jenn and Wasso were at Bitcoin Miami last week and met a lot of great people there.They had a lot of meetings set up while they were there and had multiple follow-up meetings this past week. There was a ton of positive feedback. People were impressed that EverRise has already released multiple dApps with adoption. We are looking to attend more industry conferences and events in the future.

  • There is currently around $1.8 million USDT value in the buyback reserves and, so far, over $670,000 USDT worth of rewards have been distributed to stakers since we migrated to the EverRise v3 smart contract. The total staked supply is currently 56.7%.

  • EverRise Time-Lock Feature, the first of several added security features of the v3 smart contract, is now live on the EverRise NFT Staking Lab. A video tutorial and blog post will be released in the coming days. All of the features are coded into the smart contract and the development team has been hard at work implementing them into our dApps for you to use.

  • The new Auto-Burn feature that Suresh mentioned on Twitter a few weeks ago is now enabled. We have been referring to it internally as Swap-and-Burn. This feature will burn tokens that are part of the swap-and-liquify function that sells the tokens collected by the buy and sell tax.

  • Achievement NFTs are coming soon. The dev team is still working on implementing the functionality to make them claimable in the NFT Staking Lab. Once that is completed, they will begin porting each individual dApp to the new UX/UI.

  • The sales and business development team is hard at work onboarding new projects to our ecosystem and have added several new projects to EverSwap and EverMigrate.

  • Trading went live on BitMart this past week thanks to the participation of our community members in the Vote to List campaign a few weeks back. Thank you to all who made this possible!

  • We have been running a fun Easter Egg campaign this past week on Twitter with NFT Stakes as prizes. Be sure to check that out and RT those tweets to enter.

  • Episode 1 of our Navigating DeFi series is live on our YouTube. It’s a great resource for you to share with any of your friends or family who ask you questions about crypto. Be on the lookout for episode 2 soon.

  • We are still waiting on CoinMarketCap to completely update our listing with the new token address. They have completed the change with the address on BNB Chain so those values should be showing up in TrustWallet. CoinGecko has completed the update.